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Virtual Reality In Industries
A New Dimension To Industrial Training & Safety

Digitally Simulate the Life-Like Scenarios Using Virtual Reality and Create a Training Environment That Is Safe and Secure

Dart Virtual - Industry training

Why Virtual Reality Training In Industry?

Virtual reality delivers a hands-on experience to trainees while maintaining the pre-defined safety standards worldwide.

With Virtual Reality, workplace scenarios that were once too difficult, expensive, or dangerous to train for, (such as emergency protocols and disaster preparedness, hazardous material spills, realistic heights training, etc.) become vastly more practical, cost-effective, and safe in an immersive simulation.



More Confident To Apply Skills After VR Training


Faster To learn Than Clasroom Training


More Focused Than E-Learners


Emotionally Connected To Content

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Cylinder Head Testing Process

● Problem Statement – The client faced shortage of material to provide for the training and also faced difficulty in evaluating the training effectiveness
● Solution Approach – Using VR, 3D Models and UI Representations, training experience was created successfully and efficiently.
● Impact – The client was able to track the activity and the blue collar worker training effectiveness increased. This also resolved the issue of material shortage needed for the training.

Cold Storage Container for Envirotainer

Problem Statement – The client possessed multiple cold store units which created difficulty in explaining the various features and holding strength of the cold storage containers.
Solutions Approach – Using VR and animation, a visual representation of the container was created to explain the features of the containers easily.
● Impact – Using the pre-loaded Oculus GO, the end-user was shown the features of the containers to aid him in the purchase of the containers.

Medical Home Care Training Simulation

● Problem Statement – Check the protocol following and evaluate the training provided to the caregivers.
● Soultions Approach – Using VR, 3D Models and Animations, the actual experience of home care giving protocol was created.
● Impact – Client was able to train the home care nurses efficiently and they were evaluated effectively.

Benefits Of VR Training

Provide Wow Experience

Impactful Learning

  • VR training helps people learn in the faster and more engaging way
  • VR enables employees to remember more
  • VR training is better at engaging learners than non-immersive training – Learners actively participate using their entire body to engage.
  • VR enables repetition learning – anywhere, anytime – On-demand repetition helps improve long-term retention.
    The training process is significantly quicker using VR over more traditional training techniques, in addition to improving knowledge retention.
Holistic Solutions

Cost Effective

  • VR training is more cost-effective compared to traditional training 
    Help you reduce costs of training workforces of all sizes.
  • Virtual reality training can offer a risk free space to develop the skills needed to work in dangerous environments, or with hazardous equipment at low cost
  • VR is a safe way to immerse learners – Expose them to dangerous, expensive, and rare scenarios without actually putting them in harm’s way or impacting day-to-day operations.
  • VR opens up a world of data far beyond what’s offered by traditional learning modules – It measures performance, attention, engagement, and many other valuable signals.

Make Training Fun, Engaging and Memorable With Virtual Reality Training

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